Why you don't need equipment to workout

May 14, 2013


Have you ever considered what a wonderful machine your body is?  I mean, really thought about it?  You don’t have to think to keep your heart keep beating, blink your eyes, or digest your food.  Pretty amazing, right?  Now, what if I told you that you don’t need ANY special equipment to have a healthy and fit body?  Would you believe me?  Would you even know where to start?  

Well, you probably know you can walk or run, but you need a good pair of athletic shoes and a destination (or treadmill).  You can swim without special equipment and work most of your body, but wait…you do need water to do that so a pool, lake or ocean is an essential part of the equation.   But what if you want to work your WHOLE body to build muscle and bone density as well as condition your heart and lungs.  

Can you do that?  

Yes, You Can with the T-Tapp Workout!  

T-Tapp is an anti-aging workout that builds muscle, builds bone density, and increases brain function.  This amazing workout is done without special equipment (other than a good pair of athletic shoes) and is safe for all ages, fitness levels, and body types.  Plus it can be done in as little as 15 minutes per day.  How does T-Tapp do this?  

T-Tapp uses leverage isometrics to work multiple muscle groups at the same time.  You don’t have to workout for hours and hours to receive benefits from exercising.  With this special sequence of exercises you build muscle density, not muscle bulk, and use the whole muscle, not just the belly of the muscle.  Your bones get stronger because of the resistance training that T-Tapp has woven into every move.  You develop lean muscles that will make you look slimmer and trimmer in less time than average workouts.  In fact, you only need 8 reps of T-Tapp and never need to increase reps to continue improving.  Since you don’t use weights there’s no need to keep increasing poundage or reps in order to continue seeing results.  T-Tapp continues to be challenging as your muscles rebuild and strengthen so you continue to see results with the same workout.  

In addition T-Tapp is aerobic. Your heart and lungs are conditioned while you’re building muscle and bone density.  Wind sprints, or interval training, are built into the workout.  And because it’s low to no impact, you don’t have to worry about joint injuries from pounding the pavement.  It’s safe for all ages and all fitness levels.  

Finally, T-Tapp is a mind-muscle or mind-body workout.  It works both the left and right sides of your brain to improve your brain’s cognitive ability.  Because you’re working multiple muscle groups while thinking about them, your brain gets a workout too.  You improve your mental functioning and keep your brain in tip-top shape…something we all need to do as we get older.  

Your body is this wonderful machine that’s truly able to take care of itself when given the right raw materials to help it thrive.  Just like you take care of your car, take care of the machine that takes you everywhere you go.  Learn how to align and tune up your body systems with T-Tapp.  


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