June 23, 2014

Why You Should Brush Your Skin


We all know how important it is to brush your hair to keep it tangle-free and to distribute natural oils throughout your hair and scalp.  Brushing your teeth is also important to remove plaque that builds up daily on your teeth and gums....

June 9, 2014

Dickson, TN classes start this week, tomorrow on 6/10/14 at 7:00 p.m.  Classes are held at Dickson Taekwondo, 608 Henslee Drive, Dickson, TN 37055.


Come out and see us, you will be glad you did!

June 2, 2014

Exercise consistency can be challenging.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Consistency, routine, commitment is very important.


Consistency is how you get from point A to point B.  It’s also how you stay healthy and feel better.  Here are some steps for you...

May 27, 2014

New Classes starting June 10, 2014 in Dickson, TN

May 27, 2014

You will get fit using at-home workout DVDs and the Fit and Fabulous book, but to really take your workout to the next level you need a trainer.  Trainers help you get better and faster results.  They customize a workout just for you.  Let me share how I learned the va...

March 23, 2014

If you just "go through the motions" during exercise you will never get the full benefit. You must understand, at least to a small degree, how the body works and how it reacts to things - stimulus.


This is important to fully understand what your body needs to grow (mus...

May 14, 2013


Have you ever considered what a wonderful machine your body is?  I mean, really thought about it?  You don’t have to think to keep your heart keep beating, blink your eyes, or digest your food.  Pretty amazing, right?  Now, what if I told you that you don’t need ANY s...

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