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AVD Fitness is here to help you achieve your personal fitness goals through a series of sequential movements that will put the body in proper functional alignment. This special sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movement provides better alignment as well as increased strength and flexibility.



AVD Fitness is happy to provide one-on-one personall training in your own home allowing you to be in a comfortable familiar setting.  This one-on-one training will take you step-by-step at your pace to give you the best benefit and quickest results.


Happy employees are productive employees - this is a proven fact.  What better way to have happy, healthy employees than with personal, customized weekly training at your office.  Your employees can save time and money without having to spend time driving back and forth to a gym.  By taking 30 minutes one to three times a week around lunch time your employees can have renewed energy and strength for the afternoon work hours allowing them to be more productive.


Monthly classes are held in the Nashville area with additional more intensive clinics held periodically here and in neighboring states. These classes provide instruction and form tips and tweaks to ensure you get the most out of your workout with the quickest results in a small group setting. 


Have you ever had fitness questions but didn't know who to ask? Wanted to know if an exercise program would really help you, if this supplement would be right for you?
Soon the ability to have your own personal coach, someone who is in your corner, helping you, making sure you stay on track, making sure you do what is needed to reach your goals will be yours.More details to follow.  If you are not receiving our newsletter, sign-up now. Due to time constraints this option will only be open for a limited time.. 

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