Skin Brushing - What is it? Is it important?

June 23, 2014

Why You Should Brush Your Skin


We all know how important it is to brush your hair to keep it tangle-free and to distribute natural oils throughout your hair and scalp.  Brushing your teeth is also important to remove plaque that builds up daily on your teeth and gums.  But did you know it’s equally important, if not more so, to brush your skin daily?  Like brushing your hair, brushing your skin will untangle the blocks to healthy circulation and distribute blood and lymphatic fluid throughout your body.  Like brushing your teeth, brushing your skin removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin looking better than ever.

Your skin is your largest organ.  Along with your skeleton, your skin protects your inner organs from damage.  It also is considered to be the third kidney as it is an eliminative organ as well.  Your skin sweats, eliminating over one pound of waste every day from your body.  About a third of your blood circulates through your skin.  If your body is not healthy, it will often show up in the skin first (cellulite, eczema, pimples, cysts, etc.).  Your skin needs exercise and skin brushing is a way to tighten and tone this very important part of your body.  

The most obvious benefit of skin brushing is removing dead layers of skin.  Your skin replaces itself with a new layer of skin each day.  By brushing your skin you whisk away those dead layers, open your pores, and allow the new layers to breathe.  Skin brushing also tightens the skin so premature aging won’t be a problem for you.  Your skin will soon be smooth, soft, and looking vibrant.  

Dry skin brushing is lymphatic.  Your lymphatic system is a series of vessels, much like your circulatory system, that remove toxins from your body.  Unlike your circulatory system which has the heart as a pump, the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump and must be stimulated through movement.  When you brush your skin, you stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, sweeping those toxins through the lymphatic system and out of your body.  Brushing also strengthens your immune system which can reduce the time you feel sick.  If you’re sick, try skin brushing and you’ll soon be feeling better.  

Skin brushing reduces edema and cellulite.  Cellulite is often described as looking like an orange peel with dimples, lumps, and bumps underneath the skin.  It’s actually pockets of fat that have become trapped and dimple the skin.  While it can appear anywhere on the body in both men and women, it mostly occurs in areas of poorer circulation, like the thighs, hips, buttocks and under the arms.  Most people sit for long periods of time at a desk or in a car during their commutes.  Those areas aren’t getting much circulation during these times.  Brushing will massage those areas and help to move those pockets of fat and fluid out of there!  

So, how do you get started with skin brushing?  


  • First buy a natural bristle brush.  You don’t want to use a plastic or synthetic bristle brush as these will scratch and damage the skin.  Natural bristle brushes can be found at most bath and body stores, but the T-Tapp store sells an excellent quality brush that will last you for a long time.  

  • Your skin should be dry when you brush.  Brushing wet skin, like during or after a shower, will actually stretch the skin and not tighten it.  We don’t want that!  I prefer to brush just before showering so any dead skin cells are washed away down the drain.  You can also brush before a workout for extra lymphatic action.  

  • Always brush towards the heart with the exception of the neck area where you want to brush with upward strokes.  Brushing down towards the heart on the neck area will stretch the delicate skin there and make your décolletage appear more crêpe-y.  

  • Finally, brush with a little bit of pressure but not too much.  You don’t want to damage your skin by pressing too hard.  Your skin may initially appear a little red after you brush it as you are stimulating blood and lymph circulation.  You may even feel warm all over (great in the wintertime!).  No worries as the redness will fade within a few minutes.  

T-Tapp has fabulous packages, also known as the CRT (Cellulite Removal Technique), for learning how to effectively brush your skin for maximum benefits and results.  Two quick and inexpensive ways to get started are:

  • The CRT Body Brush with Instructions and CD Combo includes:  


  • CRT Body Brush: All natural plant fiber bristle brush.

  • CRT Brushing Sequence Brochure: Outlines the special body brushing sequence step by step. 


  • The CRT Brushing Sequence and Body Brush DVD Combo includes:


  • Brush and brochure listed above.

  • CRT Brushing Sequence DVD: Teaches Teresa Tapp's special brushing sequence step by step with detailed instruction.  This DVD also includes the following exercises to pump the lymphatic system, eliminate toxins and target cellulite areas:  Awesome Legs, Jog Rocks, Hoe Downs, and Diva Derriere.


Want to see how effective skin brushing can be for you?  Check out Michelle’s story and photos of how T-Tapp and the CRT system tightened and toned her loose skin!  Wow!

If you want to look and feel better, younger, and improve your health, start skin brushing and T-Tapping! 

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Skin Brushing - What is it? Is it important?

June 23, 2014

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